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Sarah doesn’t judge if you fail far short of literary excellence (where I usually reside) she actually wants to hear your voice. Many times when I’ve written something, I find myself thinking, “Where did that come from?” or “Did I really write that?” And yes the one person who isn’t surprised is Sarah.

She has an unerring gift for drawing out, and helping you to use the spark of creativity which I am often convinced she saw way back at the beginning [...] .

Bobby is currently working on his debut crime novel.



Her teaching style encourages open contributions from students requiring her to engage in responding to random points, often whimsical, raised by participants. Her ability to deal with these professionally, demonstrates both the breadth and depth of her knowledge of the field, encouraging her students to read a wide range of authors for the first time.

On a personal level, she has introduced me to writing poetry, a sphere of creative writing I never thought I would attempt, however naively.

Ron is currently working on a writing project, based upon stories, about the village in which he was brought up.

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Al Wilmot



Thanks to the inventive prompts introduced by Sarah I have discovered I do actually have an imagination and the body of work I have created in Sarah’s lessons is huge. […] 

Sarah’s lessons are always relaxed, interesting, supportive and well-resourced, but above all every lesson is helpful and provides something which develops my writing. Just remember; Sarah hears everything and forgets nothing … 

Maureen Morrison


Through the time with Sarah I have become more confident in believing in my ability and enjoy sharing with others on the course. I highly recommend her as a teacher [.]

Maureen is currently writing her first novel.

Helen Benham



Working within a group, and a trained teacher guiding us through I learnt to so much and surprised myself at what could be achieved.