Dion: His Life & Mine

Dion: His Life & Mine

‘A strong, character-driven YA novel. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’                                   The Wishing Shelf Awards

Ariadne has had an eventful life.

Brought up on the beautiful island of Crete, along with her three siblings; the acclaimed Andro, the condemned Aster and the conniving Phaedra, Ariadne longs for freedom from their tyrannical father, King Minos.

The arrival of Theseus, Prince of Athens, offers her an opportunity to escape, which leads her to the love of her life, Dionysus, the misunderstood singer of the alternative band, Libertia.

Behind the endless press attention surrounding this beautiful grunge-rock god, who is worshipped by young fans, Ariadne discovers a vulnerable, troubled and talented young musician, who craves his estranged family’s acceptance. However, the manipulation and misunderstanding of others thwart Dion’s desire to use his god-given gifts to make the world happy. Ariadne is forced to watch as tragedy unfolds.

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"Zoe Thomson praises this fast-paced, thought-provoking modern retelling of part of the well-known Greek myth of Dionysius" NOUSE, The University of York's Student Newspaper.

"[...] the time has come to pull out your iPad, e-reader or tablet and download Dion: His Life and Mine" Valerie Laub, The Triange, Drexel University Student Newspaper,  Philadelphia.

"Dion makes for a fun and quirky read." Heather Cartwright, The Waterfront, The Univsersity of Wales, Student Newspaper, Swansea and Broken Spines and Dog Ears.

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 "The time has come to put some stories straight. I’ve waited long enough."  

As her tale unfolds, Ariadne alludes to articles written about her life with Dion that are too painful to relate. These articles and further supplementary materials; including the album artwork for the bands Libertia, Thiasus, Capricious and Orpheus, can also be accessed in the book.

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