Introduction to Creative Writing

A 10 week course covering figurative language and using visual, and line prompts to motivate imagination, encourage language play and word selection consideration. 

Introduction to Writing Poetry

A 10 week course experimenting with rhyme, rhythm, syllable stress & enjambment to craft haikus, sonnets, pantoums, Fibonacci, narrative, acrostic, shape and blank verse.

Writing for Fiction

A 10 week course introducing use of inference; aspects of narrative including stages, perspectives & types as well as dialogue and characterisation.

Writing for Non-Fiction

A 10 week course covering rhetorical & persuasive language and audience considerations when writing obituaries, travel anecdotes, biographical pieces, reviews and speeches.

Writing for Performance

A 10 week course introducing aspects of performance writing genres such as soliloquies, monologues, theatre & radio plays and film & television. 

Writing for Different Genres

A 10 to 15 week course covering Historical fiction, Crime & Detective Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror & Thriller, Fantasy & Mystical Realism.



Introduction to Novel Writing

A 10 week course exploring inspiration, distilling idea into a log line, expanding to a synopsis and an outline; as well as character building & research methods.

Developing Writing Styles for Novelists

A 10 week course cultivating use of narrative types & flashback, couple & group dialogue, types of 3rd person & range of unreliable narrator and setting & tone.

Creative Writing for the Community

A 10 week course enhancing research skills and drawing upon local characters, events and buildings to inspire fiction and nonfiction writing including poetry, stories and monologues.

Creative Writing & Community Groups

A 10 week course exploring and highlighting considerations when setting up a community writing group such as purpose, venue and the use of writing activities and prompts.

Writing for Competitions

A 10 week course examining the variety of competitions; the benefits and pitfalls of entering and how to use briefs  to self-motivate, inspire ideas and advance writing career.

An Introduction to getting Publishing

A 10 week course considering various publishing means from mainstream to independent and self-publishing; from researching agents to meeting submissions guidelines.